MBA II Semester Assignments

Please carefu\lly read the following instructions

1. Before You download the assignments,

First you have to download winrar software from the website:

2. Wite Answers to All short answer and essay Questions including internal choices also in all Subjects

3. Write Your Hall Ticket Number, Name, Page Number, Subject Name, on each of the paper on each Subject.

3. Stapple the all papers of each subject separately.

4.Finally bind all 7 subjects into One spiral binding.

For dowloading the rar file of Assignments click this link MBA_II_Sem_Assignments

5.Once You Click the link, MBA_II_SEM_Assignments.rar file is downloaded into your computer.

6. Extract the qps folder in the rar file which contains all the subjects pdf files, onto the desktop.

7.Open the pdf file of individual subjects then write the answers on Plane A4 Papers on both sides of each paper.

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