Important Instructions to MBA IV Semester Students

Note : If there are any mistakes (wrong data,wrong name, wrong letter head of college/company,wrong products of the cmpaany, informatiation not related to project or company) in your project report bring it to the noitce of principal immediately

1. Report at the College (Bandlaguda, From ECIL X Road 7 Km) sharp at 9.00 AM on 1st July 2017 Satday for Project viva exam with out fail.

2.You Must Bring your ID Card, Hall Ticket, Project Report Original signed by the lecturers & You.

3.Prepare for Viva-Voce exam by focusing on the following points

i. Prepare company profile i,e company exact address, names of Manager,Project Guide,Asst.Manager etc.., and Your project knowledge in the company,company products,services,clients etc.. Use internet and google search and Just Dail to know website and other information of the company

ii. Read entire project report 3 times thorougly until you understand clearly

iii.You should be able to explain each table and figures in the project report and Bibilography of the project.

4.Collect the project knowledge from the internet if your project report is not sufficient.

5.You should be able to clearly define all the terms in your project report for example meaning and examples of equity,stocks,banking,investment,asset,funds,laibilities etc.

6.Be polite and dont argue with professors. if you know answer,you answer it politely and confidently. if you dont know answer "say sorry sir i don't know or sorry sir i know little i could not recollect completely" etc..

7. Dress professionally, wear the shoes and hold the id cards on neck.

8. Be silent in the premises and wait patiently out side until your number is called.

Best of Luck and call me regarding any clarifications


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